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About Relationship Camp

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In our years of running Leadership Camps, we have heard again and again from attendees who get so much from the experience, they can’t wait to send their significant others,  their executive team colleagues, or their co-founders to Camp.  They discover quickly that almost everything we're teaching at Leadership Camp is as relevant to personal relationships as it is in leadership at work.

So we decided go all in on this idea, creating a Camp that brings conscious awareness and communication to  romantic, professional, familial, past, potential, or any other type of relationships.

Relationship Camp brings together the actionable models and insights of Conscious Leadership with the objective of developing partnerships that are meaningful, nourishing, and filled with play and satisfaction.

This is is a two-day program for partners or singles of any kind who are looking to build or dramatically improve or amplify their partnerships and want the tools to make their dream pairing a reality. If you're working on a company, a marriage, parenting, a close friendship, or working to be in a relationship, you and your "other(s)" will benefit enormously from Camp.

We'll be covering these topics:

  • What are the beliefs and patterns that keep us from having the relationships we most want?
  • How can we listen consciously and better manage conflicts?
  • How can we get our relationship (or your pattern of avoiding one) unstuck?
  • How can we take our relationship to the next level of intimacy, candor, creativity, effectiveness, and joy?
  • How can we get true alignment?
  • How can we create the partnership we most want?

We don't promise all the answers, but we do promise effective tools and a safe, honest place to explore the hard questions.

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Upcoming Relationship Camps

November 3rd - 4th

Relationship Camp
Boulder, CO

"Opened a door to self-awareness that I didn’t even know existed."

Natty Zola
Managing Director, Techstars

"A deep dive on presence and tools to bring it to the workplace."

David Secunda
Founder & CEO, Workbright and Avid4Adventure

"An exploration of self-awareness and responsibility in service of being effective in the world."

Stephan Van der Mersch
Investor, Ruane Cunniff & Goldfarb

"Our lead developer said, "biggest win last week was the leadership consciousness workshop."

Amy Baglan
CEO, MeetMindful

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