Conscious Leadership Camp

"This. $#!*. Will. Change. Your. Life."

About Leadership Camp for Leaders and Teams

Leadership Camp is an immersive, intensive, transformative two- or three-day program designed to accelerate participants’ growth as aware and empowered leaders and teams.

Camp is an investment in your personal growth and professional development, as well as an opportunity to get high-caliber executive coaching. If you’re looking to radically increase the amount of authenticity and connection in your leadership, Camp is for you.  

Here’s what recent attendees say about Camp:

“Camp is a graduate school of professional coaching.” - Michael (Camp Attendee, January, 2019)
“Transformative, eye-opening, introspective, personal.” - Chelsea (Camp Attendee, January, 2019) 
“An opportunity to learn about yourself and find a path to being a better leader/parent/friend/human.” - Will (Camp Attendee, January, 2019)

Camp has earned raves from leaders at Apple, Facebook, OpenTable, Oracle, Techstars, Oculus, Vicarious, FormLabs, Marco Polo, Kiva, Montage Resorts, the City of Austin, and the Arvada Police Department (just to illustrate the range). Hear what they’ve said about Leadership Camp. 

We invite you to bring your entire team — executive or functional — to Camp. The teams who have done this reap tremendous rewards of quickly and efficiently creating a shared language of Conscious Leadership and also deepening the bond and increasing the candor across the team. 

Whether you attend with a team or alone, you’ll build trusted relationships with other leaders in your cohort.

What to Expect During Camp

Educational Content – Learn core models of Conscious Leadership in service of optimizing your own leadership strengths and style.

Real-Time Practice – Small group breakouts that allow you to immediately apply the models to your own work and life.

Personalized Professional Coaching – Insights, questions, and feedback that reinforce the concepts in an embodied way and give you a meaningful opportunity for breakthroughs on real issues.

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Read more about Leadership Camp’s Conscious Leadership training programs.

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Upcoming Leadership Camps

January 24 - 25, 2020

Leadership Camp
Boulder, CO

April 24 - 25, 2020

Leadership Camp
2595 Canyon Boulevard (Water street Building), Suite 330 Boulder, CO 80302

"Most of our team has gone to Camp, and I can see the impact on our business every day."

Keith Gruen
VP Operations, MeetMindful

"Our lead developer said, 'biggest win last week was the Conscious Leadership workshop.'"

Amy Baglan
CEO, MeetMindful

“Graduate school of professional coaching.”

Michael Sobota
Engineering Manager, Uplight

"This. $#!*. Will. Change. Your. Life."

Tina Scala
AVP of Sales, Invoca

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