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November 3, 2018

Boulder, CO

Now is a good time for Relationship Camp. Why? Well because in our years of doing Leadership Camps, we have heard again and again from attendees who (a) want to send their significant others to Camp; (b) can't wait for their executive team colleagues or co-founders to come; and (c) find that almost everything we're teaching at Leadership Camp is as relevant and useful in their personal relationships as it is in their leadership at work.

So we decided to say yes to the idea and go all in with a Camp applying the principles of consciousness (as we teach them) to the setting of relationships, the romantic, professional, and familiar

Relationship camp is a two-day program for partners of any kind or people who are looking to find the perfect partnership and want the tools to make their dream pairing a reality. If you're working on a company, a marriage, parenting, or anything else together (or want to be), you and your "other(s)" will benefit enormously from Camp.

We'll be covering these topics:

  • How can I create the partnership I most want?
  • What the beliefs and patterns that keep you from having the relationship you most want?
  • How can you listen consciously and better manage conflicts?
  • How can you get your relationship (or your pattern of avoiding one) unstuck?
  • How can we take our relationship to the next level of intimacy, candor, creativity, effectiveness, and joy?
  • How can we get true alignment?

We don't promise all the answers, but we do promise a honest place to explore the questions arise.

Relationship Camp brings together the actionable models and insights of Conscious Leadership with the objective of developing partnerships that are meaningful, nourishing, and filled with play and satisfaction.

November 3, 2018
1425 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
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"Before Camp, I thought I was going to leave my job. Now I'm more engaged than ever."

Lucia Ballard
Engineering Manager, Apple

"A deep dive on presence and tools to bring it to the workplace."

David Secunda
Founder & CEO, Workbright and Avid4Adventure

"Radical, refreshing, overdue, and a relief to finally relate to a leadership style."

Michelle Frye
Director of Strategy, Trimble

"Our lead developer said, "biggest win last week was the leadership consciousness workshop."

Amy Baglan
CEO, MeetMindful

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