October 8, 2018
Sue Heilbronner
CEO Coaching

Why I Ask Every CEO I Coach to Attend Leadership Camp First

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to provide executive coaching to some of the most talented CEOs and other C-level executives I know. CEO coaching relationships are intimate and lengthy. Many of my CEO coaching clients have been working with me for years; I have worked with others on their teams in various instances. I have spoken with their leadership team and usually their significant other.

When I embark on a new CEO coaching relationship, I usually invite the new client to start working with me by attending a three-day Leadership Camp or Relationship Camp (with other leaders on his or her team). Why do I prefer executive coaching clients to start with Leadership Camp?

First, Camp offers an immersive deep-dive into the principles of Conscious Leadership. It's a concentrated, intensive program that provides the foundation for the work I do with my coaching clients. Receiving it in the concentrated format of Leadership Camp is efficient and, frankly, more interesting with other attendees in the room.

Second, Camp offers executives the chance to start their coaching process with me in the presence of other tremendous leaders. Seeing other executives working on their key issues and leadership patterns is illustrative and enriching for my clients.

Third, I facilitate Leadership Camp with the amazing Leah Pearlman. Getting insight from two facilitators with completely different styles is an amazing entry point to working with me as a CEO coaching client.

Last, Leadership Camp is one heckuva bargain. CEO coaching is expensive, especially for startup CEOs. Camp is a tremendous bang for the buck and a wonderful place to make material strides in personal growth ahead of the even more intimate process of one-on-one coaching.

If you want to learn more about CEO Coaching with me or other Camp team members, contact us today.

Sue Heilbronner

Co-founder MergeLane & Leadership Camp, coach, speaker, advisor, conscious leadership trainer.

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